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Erotic boudoir woman in shibari rope bondage with magic wand vibrator

Hello. I'm Cyrus – Seattle's premiere erotic and couples boudoir photographer

I offer an erotic boudoir experience

It's not just about photos, but the whole erotic boudoir experience. Solo, with a partner, or with several if you like... you decide what erotic boudoir experience you want, with (almost) no limits. I shoot art nudes and traditional boudoir too, but most people hire me because they're looking for something more. I create a safe and relaxed environment where you can freely express your desires while I find the best light and angles to capture every moment. 

My process is private and discreet

Given the nature of my work, I take your privacy very seriously. I never discuss, share, or post any images without permission. For added security, I give you the option to delete your photos from my systems 30 days after our shoot. Finally, credit card charges come from a nondescript business name to further protect your privacy.

I'll guide you, but you're in control

If you're not sure how to pose, don't worry! Most people aren't. I'll guide you each step of the way. My clients laugh when I drop to the floor and pop my booty to demonstrate a pose, but I don't mind! After booking, you'll receive detailed instructions on how to prepare, along with a questionnaire to document exactly what you want and don't want from your photoshoot. Of course, all the normal rules of consent apply – you can change your mind and decide not to do anything at any point. I'll simply say "okay," and move on to something else. If a piece of clothing or hair needs to be adjusted, I will instruct you verbally and will never touch you without permission. My participation in the session is strictly as photographer and nothing else. See my FAQ.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed

Not that kind of satisfaction, you perv! That part's up to you! I'm talking about your photos. If you're not thrilled with your photos and decide not to purchase any of them at your photo reveal, I will refund your session fee and delete the images with no questions asked. Exclusions: $200 per hair and makeup provided and any expenses incurred to book a hotel room, studio, or other activities are non-refundable.


Your partner is slowly unbuttoning your top and gently kissing your neck in your first erotic couples boudoir photoshoot. I stand back waiting for the right the moment when your face responds to their touch and take a few snaps from across the room. I then instruct your partner to move their hand up to the small of your neck and move their lips so they're almost touching yours but not quite kissing them. I zoom in with my camera to capture the energy building between you. Your photoshoot is just beginning... are you in?


Boudoir woman in stockings and garter belt lying on back

Thanks for making me feel beautiful and confident. I don't even recognize myself in some of these... I look so sexy! The shoot was fun, you were great, and the finished products amazing.

Erotic boudoir woman masturbating while pulling her nipple

The shoot was so fun! It's great to have photos that I feel sexy in. They are beautiful... I love them so much!

Couples boudoir man giving woman oral sex

The photos are amazing! Thanks so much for doing such a great job. We've already recommended you to friends in the lifestyle.

Boudoir woman lifting up her dress to show her butt

WOW, these are so amazing!!! Beautiful! Thanks for giving me an opportunity to feel sexy.

Feeling blushed?

It's ok, it'll look good on camera! Complete my booking form and I'll be in touch to answer any and all questions and to provide next steps. Email:

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